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Banchetto Musicale

From here You can download a number of  high quality sounds for Samplers and Soundcards.
These full featured Sample patches can help you to find out if the Early Patches  library would be the right thing for Your music. 
But even if You never felt the slightest intention to purchase my product - just go and grab them. They are free. Please use them for Your Tracks. There is no obligation whatsoever except this one: Please do not redistribute the Patches or parts of them in the internet or on any other kind of electronic media without my written consent. Please read the terms of use to get the details. An english version is included in the readme.htm that comes with the soundbank.
If You find my sounds usefull You are of course invited to  link to my site.
Just in case You hit the charts with my sounds  :-)  please let me know about it.

Clicking on an instruments name leads to a description of the instrument.
Here You will find some informations about tonal range and playing techniques but also pictures of the Instruments and links to Demo pieces that use the patches offered here.

Instrument Soundset    Free   Download   Free  
Dudy Dudy.sf2 (989 Kb)
Cister Cister.sf2 (2224 KB)
Ud Ud.sf2 (1511 KB)
Syrian Framedrum Syrien.sf2 (665 KB)
Akai S3000:
Instrument Soundset    Free   Download   Free  
Dudy Dudy.s3p (989 Kb)
Cister Cister.s3p (2224 KB)
Ud Ud.s3p (1511 KB)
Syrian Framedrum Syrien.s3p (665 KB)

Akai Users: Please note that You need a certain setup to load the Programs into Your S2000/S3000 Sampler. This requires:

  • a windows Computer
  • a working SCSI connection to the Sampler
  • one of the following Programs: Mesa II PC or Millenium

In case You have trouble to load or use any of the Banks:
Please read the readme.htm that is included with the zip-archive.
If that does not solve the problem - ask me: