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Ud  -  Arabian Lute, Egypt

arabian lute.
six courses of nylon strings.
A comparison of the modern photograph with the historic illustration from Sebastian Virdungs Musica getutscht shows clearly, how similar the Arabian lute and its Renaissancelaute counterpart are. In the middle ages and still in the renaissance musicians and luthiers had not yet introduced fundamental changes to the construction of the instrument apart from the frets.
Many musicians use in fact arabian instruments for their historicly informed performances.
Sounds Range PC and Bank No. Comments
Ud E3 - H5 (40-71) Program 27 Bank 1 There are two presets in this Soundfont:
The Ud in original pitch and a Bass (E2-H4), where all the samples have been pitched down.
Ud Bass E2 - H4 (28-59) Program 34 Bank 1
Demos :
Alien Ska
  This Demo was produced with a Multisound Pinnacle soundcard from Turtle Beach