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Dudy- Böhmischer Bock
The "Böhmische Bock" (bohemian ram) is a bagpipe, that is used in the traditional dance music of Czechia and southern germany.
It has one or two drones. the chanterhas a cylindrical bore and a single reed.
The instrument is very different from its more famous relative, the Scottish highland pipe.
Sounds Range PC and Bank No. Comments
Dudy chanter: C5 - D6 (60-74) Program 110
Bank 1
To catch the main characteristic of the instrument it is vital to play "legatissimo" and with constant or very narrow dynamic range.
listen to foloekjazz to see what I mean.

chanter and drone were recorded near the microphone.
to achieve a more realistic sound, it is recommended, to assign a special midi track to the drone, whose sound is normally directed to the background.
this way it is possible to add more reverb to the drone than to the chanter to get a more realistic sound impression.

drone F3 (29)
Demos :
  I added a reverb from a Logic Audio Plug-in to the drone.
Alien Ska
  here I only used the chanter (without drone) as part of the horn section.