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Early Patches String Instruments
Cittern - Andreas Sumerauer
The Cittern is an instrument of the renaissance.
It was played throughout europe. Especially in England it was a very common instrument for song accompainment. In every tavern it belonged to the inventory and also the barbiere had always a cittern in their shop, so that the customers could play and sing along to shorten the waiting time with music.

This instrument is strung with steel strings.
The historically costumed singer on the picture is by the way identical with the autor of these lines and the producer of the Early Patches library.

Sounds Range PC and Bank No.
Cister F3 - F6 (41-77) Program 26 - Bank 1
Cister Chor   Program 26 - Bank 2
Cister Bass F2 - F5 (29-65) Program 35 - Bank 1
Demos :
  Contrary to the strummed chord in the piece Folökjazz the ostinato here is made up of single midi-notes.