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Alien Ska
The 47 seconds party !
My recommandation: Turn up the volume and dance
for three quarters of a minute!


Ud arabian lute used as bass and as an offbeat-lute
Dudy bohemian bagpipe
Shawm by Eric Moulder
Udo: Udo´s Darabuka
Hammered Dulcimer by Andreas Sumerauer

alienska.mp3 (747 KB)

©Andreas Sumerauer 1999

The midi tracks were recorded one after the other as single wav-files. Bass, Offbeat-lute and Darabouka were then treated in the final Mix with the equalizer plug-in of Logic Audio.
Thedrum got more presence in the mix by a slight raise at 200 and 3000 Hz. the sounds of bass and lute were changed more drastically.
BTW. the reverb is from the AWE32.