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Early Patches Percussion Instruments

Tombak- Halifax, India
The Tombak, also called Zarb is originally a Persian instrument. The drum I used is actually a copy from India that differs in some points from the traditional original:
A thinner skin was used. That gives more overtones to the sound.
The tube at the end of the body is wider than usual. This results in a higher resonance frequency
of the body.
sounds Range Comments
Tombak Mute/Slap F5 (65) velocity controlled crossfade between mute and slap.
Bass G5 (67) beat near the center of the skin
Rim links A5 (69) beat on the rim of the skin
Rim rechts H5 (71)
Instrument Program change and Bank No.
Tombak Program 120 - Bank 1
Tombak gate Program 120 - Bank 2
Wav files of all the beats can be found in the folder:
Percussion Waves\Tombak
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