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Banchetto Musicale
Dausenkunz Produktionen
Early Patches Wind Instruments
Consort of Recorders
Instruments by Peter Kobliczek, Taunusstein
Fig. taken from:
Michael Praetorius
Syntagma Musicum, Wolfenbüttel 1619

These Instruments in a lightly ornamented shape of the late renaissance period follow the construction principles of the early 17. century.
A relatively small window and a narrow windway result in a mellow but still brilliant sound.
For a more medieval tone I would recommend the Moeck instruments.

Sounds Range PC and Bank No. Comments
Kobliczek Alt F5 - C#7 (65-85) Program 75 - Bank 3 Alto
Kobliczek Sopran C6 - H7 (72-95) Program 75 - Bank 2 Treble
Kobliczek Diskant F6 - C#8 (77-97) Program 75 - Bank 1 Sopranino
Demos :
  Here I used the soprano recorder sound
Ach Elslein
  sopranino, treble and alto recorder