frequently asked questions
Q 01: I do not have a software sampler. Do I have to buy one before I can use the Soundbytes Carillon on my computer?

Not necessarily. Since we support the SFZ format You could as well use SFZ sample player from This instrument is made available as freeware and can be obtained from here. (Windows only)

Q 02: The Carillon plays only within a range of two octaves. why is the usable range of the sampler programm so limited?

A: This limitation of the tonal range is not a fault. Instead it reflects the properties of the original instrument.

Q 03: I have downloaded the soundfont version of the tiny carillon. Why is there no soundfont version of the complete Soundbytes Carillon available?

A: While theoretically there is no limitation to the size that a soundfont can have there is a very real practical constraint: None of the available soundfont hardware will play soundfonts above a certain size without problems. The usability of a soundfont of the given size can thus not be guaranteed. This is why I decided to leave the soundfont format away.
If You are a soundfont user and want to use the Soundbytes Carillon then please read the answer to Q 01. 

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