soundbytes carillon rev.II
In spring 2005 the Hahnenklee Carillon has been extended from 24 to 49 bells. The instrument has now a full range of four octaves which means that  the entire carillon literature can now be played.

The extended instrument was inaugurated with a concert on whitsunday this year and of course we are planning to incorporate the additional range into the Soundbytes Carillon as soon as possible.

The recording sessions are again going to be held in the winter season when the evenings are quiet and the nature that surrounds the church is at sleep.

We will then not only record the newly added bells. Instead we are going to rerecord everything from scratch and this time in five channel surround.

Upon completion of the new version we are going to offer an upgrade option to all existing customers of the Soundbytes Carillon Rev.1.  The initial investment will be fully credited against the purchase of the extended Soundbytes Carillon Revision II.

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