Sample Sets

With five Soundsets of different size you always have the appropriate sampler program at hand to match your recording or performance needs:
  • Carillon
    This full sized set of unlooped samples guarantees unmatched realism and authenticity. Use it when sufficient amount of RAM is available or for the final off-line rendering of a piece of music that has initially been played using one of the smaller sound sets.

  • Carillon 2Layers
    medium sized set of unlooped samples

  • Carillon 3rds
    small set of unlooped samples featuring the natural decay.

  • small Carillon
    Use this version with older computers or if You are short on memory.

  • tiny Carillon
    This is our appetizer instrument. Make sure You don't miss it! The tiny Carillon can be downloaded here for free!


 each keysplit spannig velocity splits channels number of samples overall size
Carillon 1 semitone up to  6 stereo 136 226 MB
Carillon 2Layers 1 semitone 2 stereo 48 86.9 MB
Carillon 3rds 3 semitones 2 stereo 18 37.0 MB
small Carillon 3 semitones 2 stereo 18 11.5 MB
tiny carillon 3 semitones 1 mono 9 3.1 MB
Note: The sound sets Carillon 2Layers and Carillon 3rds are subsets of the full Carillon sample set

Sampler Formats

The Soundbytes Carillon supports the following Sampler file formats
right out of the box:

NI Kontakt
Steinberg Halion
Apple Logic EXS24
Virtual Sampler
Project5 Dimension,    Rgcaudio SFZ
Tascam Giga Studio
E-mu EmulatorX, ProteusX
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